Crab Legs!


My mom and I making crab for New Years 2007
One of the easiest recipes of all time that will impress your guests is CRAB LEGS!!! Not only do I prefer crab to lobster for its sweeter flavor and large claws but it is SO DAMN EASY TO COOK! We have made it for everything from fancy dinner parties to even camping!!! I suggest getting your crab from somewhere reasonable that has large, king crab... Not the dinky little Dungess crab... The best place to find good crab for a reasonable price is Costco if you can believe it- they will often have a seafood stand with crab legs and lobster. My other favorite place to purchase crab is North Sea Fish Market in Willow Park

Making crab camping! So easy!
James and I boiling up some crab camping... These legs came pre-cracked.. I think that ruins have the fun... try to buy them intact to lock the juices and flavor in

Here is the recipe.... don't blink you'll miss it... Bring a large pot of salty water to a boil... Add crab legs... Boil 10-12 minutes.... Pull out each crab leg and hold vertical to drain.. EAT!!!


Now all you need is some side dishes such as rice, salad or even surf & turf such as a filet mignon. It is also great to have some melted butter on the table to dip the crab in and some seafood crackers handy. Try a crab boil for yourself! You will be shocked at how easy and how much CHEAPER this is than dining out.

Butter melters
Look how cool this seafood cracker is... Perfect!


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