The Coup


I was dining with my vegetarian friend this afternoon and we decided to check out "The Coup" which is a strictly vegetarian restaurant located at 924 17th Avenue SW. The restaurant itself is so cute and Bohemian looking... It reminds me of a Vancouver restaurant or something you would find in a beach town. There are colorful light fixtures and really clean lines throughout. I found the hours of operation a bit odd as we arrived at 11:25 pm, as we were told to come early to this popular destination, and the doors were locked! I guess they are open at 11:30 am Tuesday - Friday and open for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and they are open until 11 pm each night.

We decided to go for the sundried tomato hummus served with organic foccacia and lavash aka. Armanian flatbread) for $6.50. I really liked the presentation in the blue pottery and initially was waiting for the hummus to arrive until I realized it was in with the bread! I loved the sundried tomatoes in the hummus and it was delicious

Although I am a bonafied meat eater I did manage to find a salad that sounded delicious: the pear and blue cheese salad served with organic greens, blue cheese, toasted almonds, sautéed pear, tossed in a maple balsamic olive oil dressing for $11. Although our hummus came out relatively quickly we were very disappointed that our meals took over an hour to arrive and we were the first to order! The salad was good but could have used some more diverse ingredients so it wasn't so boring such as strawberries or other fruits.

My one date ordered the frittata of the day which contained eggs, yams, spinach, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese <-- this was definitely the dish to order for $11 as they make a new frittata creation each day. A frittatta is an egg-based dish similar to an omelet or a quiche. I thought the yams were an interesting touch and the sundried tomatoes were super yummy.

My other lunch date decided on the "green house effect" salad which looked sooo good! Chickpeas, sheep feta, toasted seeds, pea shoots, shredded carrots, beets and kalamata olives on organic greens donned this dish for $11. She really liked it and I love the pottery bowls the salads are served in with chopsticks.

There were also a wide variety of smoothies and alcoholic beverages to choose from so I had a glass of sangria which was very mediocre and kind of tasteless compared to mine.. hehe see previous recipe! 

All in all this trendy restaurant may be a winner with vegetarians but the strange hours and lengthy wait for our meal kind of dampened my experience. Attached to The Coup is a lounge called "Meet Lounge" which looked quite hip and is open until 11 pm each night.. I think this would be fun to check out on the weekend at some point but as far as food goes... I might stick to my trustee downtown core favorites ;)

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 7/10


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