I've been looking forward to checking out the new "Chop" restaurant in Chinook that opened earlier this year... I've always thought there should be more high end restaurants in Chinook and really give the overly busy Joey Tomatoes a run for its money.

My date and I arrived on a Wednesday afternoon and sat on the patio that overlooks the parking lot- not the nicest scenery but they will be opening a rooftop patio which looks AWESOME! The decor in Chop was honestly one of the most elegant and beautiful I have seen... I LOVED THE LIGHT FIXTURES! Bent metal chandeliers, silver bar stools, and olive colored velvet curtains... It looks very luxurious for a mall restaurant to say the least...

For an appetizer we decided on the steak bites with two really delicious dipping sauces: chipoltle and a Greek yogurt. The steak was SO tender and flavorful and I was delighted that there was no real gristle at all in the bites

We also had the cheese toast which I can honestly say is the best cheese toast I have ever had! They used a combo of 5 different cheeses and it was SO delicious!!!

For an entree I decided to get the ahi tuna which was seared rare... Unfortunately I think I chose the wrong entree because when I bit into the sandwich I was quite disappointed.. Because of the rare fish the sandwich was cold and I wasn't a fan of the citrus salsa on the top of the dish. The Caesar salad I had with my meal was just okay as well.. I hate when restaurants put too much dressing on the salad! It always ruins it for me with the soggy lettuce. My date ended up getting the fries which were SO good and they kept the skins on and seasoned them really nicely.

I am going to try CHOP again but order the lobster and scallop dip for an appetizer which looked really yummy and try one of their signature steaks.

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 7.5/10 (round one)


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