V Ultra Lounge


V Ultra Lounge is adjacent to Earls Bankers Hall and shares a kitchen and menu with Earls next door ... Most people remember "FUEL" which is what V Bar used to be... In fall 2008 they re-opened Fuel as "V ULTRA LOUNGE" which is Calgary's first premium vodka bar. Although there are MANY similarities to your usual Earls restaurant, V Bar does have its own vibe and even unique menu items as it is meant for a more "grown up crowd"... My favorite Earls menu items are normally their hot wings- the best in Calgary in my opinion- and their chicken tenders with the homemade plum sauce. Being that this establishment is meant for a more grown up palette you will not find chicken tenders or the larger variety of pizzas on the menu. What you WILL find are changing features such as a TO-DIE-FOR tuna melt or the Mediterranean Chicken Salad Sandwich.

My date and I were there for lunch and I decided on the "Halibut Lunch Platter" for $16 which was one piece of hand breaded halibut, Yukon gold fries, a cup of clam chowder and coleslaw with a homemade tartar sauce.
I always love the skinny fries from Earls and their Clam Chowder is decadent!!! Very good!!! :)

My date had the Cedar Plank Salmon for $22.95
There was a mango salsa on top which was delicious along with asparagus and fingerling potatoes. This dish LOOKS beautiful but unfortunately she cut into it and it was RAW... Like sashimi raw!!! Luckily they did make her up another dish completely and it was taken off of the bill.

Lunch is great and all.... but my favorite time to visit V Bar is in the evening to sample some of their premium vodkas!!!

Sometimes we will make a pit stop here before going to The Met or another lounge near by. James and my favorite thing to do is to get a Vodka "Flight" which is a sampling of 4 different vodkas for $19.99 Pretty isn't it??? The vodka is served in small glasses on a bed of ice. When sipping vodka you should try to exhale while taking a sip and GOOD VODKA SHOULD TASTE LIKE WATER!!!! Interestingly enough: we tried a number of different vodkas and our waitress mixed them up so we wouldn't know which one was which... The worst and most "rubbing alcohol" tasting vodka was the Grey Goose!!! Ever since this experience I will NEVER buy Grey Goose because it is not one of the smoothest vodkas only being distilled three times. Our favorite was "F-ing" Vodka and "Level".. These are around the same price and I HIGHLY recommend these over Grey Goose! Grey Goose has become more of a status symbol than a premium spirit.

Visit V Bar for a flight of vodskis!!!


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