Traveling Throw Back!!!! - Montreal!


Montreal, Quebec has some of the best food in North America in my opinion and my favorite food city on the planet. There is such a large variety of fresh produce, seafood, and the restaurants!!! Oh the restaurants... I've heard that there is one restaurant for every two people in Montreal... It sounds like an exaggeration until you get there and see the bistros and cafes and terraces on every corner. Not only is there a large quantity of restaurants but there is a large variety of fare to choose from. Montreal is very multicultural with a very unique vibe about the city. From high end French Fusion to Greek to Little Italy to Szechuan. My mother is from Montreal so we visit at least once a year and HAVE to dine on some of the following times: poutine, steamed hot dogs, Montreal smoked meat with a cherry coke and a pickle, sushi, suc' a creme which is like a sweet fudge made out of maple syrup, fresh bagels, etc etc etc...

Many "box store" restaurants such as Earls, Moxies, etc have tried to open up in Montreal but they normally do not last long and I can see why.... Why would you want to go to a box store restaurant when there are unique "hole's in the wall" serving AMAZING food.. EVERYWHERE!!! I love how Montreal lounges and pubs feature tapas that are as cheap as $2 each for a sharing plate...

Another great place for fresh produce, cheese or butchered meats is the Atwater Market which can inspire even the most junior of chefs with its abundance of ingredients and fresh food...

I'm getting hungry just thinking about my favorite food city on the planet....

Olive + Gourmando in Old Montreal... Cajun chicken panini with guacamole and mango.. SO YUMMY!!! Love the fresh salad as well

Montreal smoked meat sandwich from Snowden Deli. SO YUMMY! Warm rye bread, mustard and a pickle... delicious!

NOTHING beats a Montreal bagel... Sourdough tasting and cooked in the wood oven shown in this photo... The bagels are then lifted out of the oven with a long wooden panel and placed in the large silver trough. We don't have anything close to this in Calgary.... although there have been attempts to duplcate.

 Best sushi I have ever had... Loved the roll on the far right: lobster. And the pink dynamite sauce had a kick to it and was very delicious.

My favorite dessert! Creme brulee! Vanilla, chocolate and pistachio pictured

Pretty chocolate mousse! 

The REAL poutine *drool* (they pronounce it "poutin")

Mmmm yummy Szechuan


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