Sumo Lounge


I was craving sushi HARD yesterday at lunch so I decided to try out Sumo Lounge located at 317 10th Avenue S.W. This restaurant is located below the second story Japanese Village where the old Cannery Row used to be.. The inside was rather typical with Japanese ambiance with red walls, paper lanterns and a darker motif.
I always enjoy a hot cup of green to start off my sushi meal.. Especially a good matcha like the one they served. Cute teapot too!I really like when sushi restaurants will have awesome combo's of maki rolls and sashimi to enjoy on a shared plate or boat... I was pretty unimpressed with their combo's so instead we ordered the following:

Clockwise from top left: Alberta roll, Volcano rolls, Spicy Smoked Salmon, Scallop Nigiri (raw fish on a piece of rice), Tempura Sashimi, Chef's special.

My favorite roll was definitely the Volcano rolls that had a great spicy sauce on top... Alberta rolls are never my favorite but I ordered them for my date who is not as versed in sushi. Unfortunately the fish in the "Chef's Special" roll was a bit chewy and even fishy tasting.. Not my fav.

I'm glad I satisfied my craving but I did end up having a weird taste in my mouth for the remainder of the afternoon. I think Sumo could improve upon its sushi by having fresher fish available and better roll combination's on the menu.. I had to order "shrimp tempura sashimi" in order to get only 2 pieces of tempura as their order had 8 pieces for $10.99. Our bill came to over $50 and I was not impressed with this sushi very much.

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 6/10


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