Stuck in Chicago... When in doubt... DEEP DISH!!!


We missed our connecting flight home to Calgary because lightening in Orlando grounded our plane so we were stranded in Chicago for one night... I guess "stranded" wouldn't be the best word since we made the most of it and hit the FAMOUS Giardano's!!!!

We asked all of the locals where the best Chicago deep dish pizza was and with 15 locations in and around Chicago this famous family run establishment was the resounding answer. Giardano's served thin crust pizza but they are notorious for their "STUFFED CRUST PIZZA":
Can you believe how thick the crust is?? It looks like a real life pie! They had to put the sauce on the top because of all of the cheeeese :)

Oh man... Look at that cheese... Honestly it was GOOD pizza but not the BEST I have ever had... for all of its gooey cheese it wasn't that flavorful of pizza? We ordered half pepperoni and mushroom and half Hawaiian.

Trying to show the depth perception


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