Q Haute Cuisine (formerly La Caille on the Bow)


Q Haute Cuisine, located at 7th Street and 1st Avenue SW near Eau Claire Market, is an amazing escape from the downtown core for some high end cuisine at a FANTASTIC price! This restaurant has been on my top 10 "have to dine at" restaurants for a few years so I was VERY excited to dine at this restaurant and was NOT disappointed! Q Haute has just introduced their "Express Lunch" which is a two course meal for $15!!!!!!!!!!! What a steal! For the elegant ambiance and beautiful view of Prince's Island Park this restaurant is really worth the trek.
I decided on the Caesar salad for a starter as you had a choice of soup du jour, simple organic greens, Caesar salad or couscous

The salad was delicious with homemade croutons and dressing

My date decided on the couscous for a starter and raved about it! I like how unique this dish is and the large size of the actual couscous. The green pea shoots on top were very sweet and tasty!

For an entree I decided on the Coquille stuffed with chicken and ricotta in a mushroom sauce. A coquille is a shell shaped pasta and the flavor in this dish was unbelievable. The sauce was very rich and the mushroom flavor really shined. It doesn't look like a large portion but was the PERFECT size for lunch :)

One of my dates decided to order the risotto with prawns and sweet peas. I love the colors in this dish!!! The saffron made it a brilliant yellow color and she raved about the texture and flavor in this rich dish. Risotto is a traditional Italian rice dish cooked with broth and flavored with Parmesan cheese which can include meat, fish, or vegetables. Risotto normally has a very creamy texture and is very rich.

Last but not least my other lunch date dined on shell pasta with boar bacon and a zesty tomato sauce. This looked SO good and was the perfect portion size for lunch :)

I love when restaurants present their cappuccino's elegantly and with a piece of biscotti or a cookie! I love to have a cappuccino after a great meal... the bitter taste goes so well with a nice dessert SUCH AS the chilled espresso creme bruleƩ paired with homemade maple iced cream, a warm butter tart and the cutest little cookie spoon ever!!! What a great way to end a fabulous meal.

Well there has only been one other "10/10" on my Blog but this restaurant easily slides into the elite ranking! TWO COURSES for $15 and the scenic escape from the buzzing core easily make this high end restaurant a star!!! I highly recommend it, especially for lunch!

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 10/10!


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