Orlando, Florida!


Hello everyone~!!!

James, my parents and I had a GREAT trip to Florida... We met Mickey Mouse and spent a day at Universal Studios as well. I earned a trip for four through Pampered Chef and the vacation COMPLETELY exceeded my expectations.

Not gonna lie... Eating in the United States is not my favorite... I don't like their portion sizes and how you can't switch out fries for salad or fruit at most places. Here are some of the dishes we consumed- the good, the bad and the ugly! HAHA!

Here is Denver Airport's version of "Eggs Benedict"... I asked for fruit instead of hashbrowns and was served ONE orange slice... The "hollandaise sauce" is a mushroom gravy consistent with many of the "biscuits and gravy" breakfast entrees served in the States. The egg was scrambled, not poached and it was served on a greasy biscuit... not my favorite breakfast ever.

Mmmm... this "surf and turf" from the delicious seafood restaurant "Narcoossee's" at the Grand Floridian

My parents split this yellow fin snapper- I love the presentation!

James ordered the filet mignon which came with scalloped potatoes and green beans. The steak was extremely tender and good!

Creme brulee is my favorite dessert! On the left is key lime creme brulee and on the right is coconut. I love how you have to crack through the sugar top to get to the custard. YUM!

Awww Mickey candy apples! I dunno about $9 but considering a water is $4 US maybe it ain't so bad... hehe

These treats were in the Confectionery at Magical Kingdom. Love the Nemo treats and Mickey Rice Crispy ears on a stick!

Smores on the beach?? Disney really has thought of everything...

This... was... GROSS! We were at Universal Studios and James thought we could stop at Jurassic Park and get a turkey leg... of course I wasn't allowed to substitute my fries for a salad and the turkey meat was salty and tasted like ham and was the same color?? The "corn on the cob" should have been fed to cattle... not for human consumption

Me unimpressed with my lunch... haha


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