I've been wrong once or twice...


So... I've had a change of heart... One of my first posts on my blog was about DeVille and I called them the DEVIL! I didn't agree with the price point or the small serving sizes... But over the past few weeks I have really come to ADORE their 16 oz. nutella latte for $4.75.. The first one I ever had was made by a newbie and I don't think it was prepared correctly because it doesn't hold a candle to the rich and delicious lattes I have been drinking lately.

As I've said before I am a HUGE fan of supporting local businesses so I DO enjoy purchasing a coffee at DeVille over Starbucks or Second Cup... Each time I take a sip of my favorite new coffee I have a foodgasm.. SOOO I had to inform you foodies that I am now on the DeVille bandwagon... *SIGH*... I like the fact that the location in Fashion Central even serves wine and beer along with some gourmet lunch fare.

Try one of their shortbread cookies... half dipped in chocolate... but don't hate me when you get addicted like I am!!! My other favorites include the handmade truffles and banana bread for a sweet treat in the afternoon :)


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