Vero Italian Bistro Ltd.


James and I were celebrating our 5 year anniversary on Friday and decided to try out Vero Italian Bistro located in Kensington at 209 10th Street NW. We had a $50 gift certificate that we bought from a silent auction so I thought it would be a fun place to go for a date!

The restaurant itself was VERY small with around 15 tables maximum. When we first arrived it was very loud and crowded but luckily a large group left early on so we could hear each other talk. I really liked the place settings on the tables. These little appetizer plates reminded me of dog bowls- I like how unique they are :)We decided to try a variety of menu items instead of just getting two entrees. We started with a half dozen oysters from Victoria which was accompanied by some wasabi chaser.. These were not on the menu but I noticed they had an oyster special on Wednesday and asked if we could order some oysters for $3 each. We also ordered two glasses of champagne which went great with the oysters. The oysters were good but not the best we have had... They were very small in size and the brine wasn't as strong as we tend to prefer.
There was a couple dining next to us and take a look at the Caesar salad!!! How unique! The salad is meant to be crunched up all together.. I really liked this take on "deconstructed caesar salad"
For another appetizer we decided to get one of James and my FAVORITE dishes... Sweet potato gnocchi and pork belly... If you EVER see this on a menu I suggest you order it... It will really knock your socks off. The gnocchi was homemade and perfectly cooked. I love the smoked flavor that the pork belly adds... MMMMMM!!!!
For another dish we decided on a charcuterie platter which is a hot restaurant trend right now. This particular charcuterie was called the "Wine Lovers Platter" for $25. On the platter there will normally be a selection of cured meats, cheeses, crisps, occasionally fruit and compotes as well. The cheese on this platter was VERY good. There was a sage gouda which was green in color and very flavorful... James' favorite was the 5 year old sharp cheddar and I enjoyed the gorgonzola. There was also smoked salmon and farmers sausage on the platter. One of our favorite aspects was the fresh strawberries that went great with a white wine jelly at the end of the tray. Delicious!!!
For dessert we still had room to eat a bit more so we ordered the chocolate fondue for $25 which included a variety of fruit, chocolate chip cookies and burnt marshmallows. Unfortunately this dish really disappointed me because the chocolate was not very tasty at all.. It supposedly had Kahlua, Grand Marnier and a variety of different things in it but it was bitter and bland. The menu also promised us some pound cake for dipping which did not appear on the platter... instead they included a scoop of green tea ice cream, mango & strawberry sorbet?... I can make a better chocolate fondue with melted chocolate chips!
We really did enjoy this meal and had a great time. This restaurant would have scored a bit higher had the waitress been a bit more attentive and the chocolate in the fondue been more decadent. When in doubt Vero- Bernard Callebaut is pretty much your neighbor ;)

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 8/10


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