Traveling Throw Back!!!! - Cambodia


My husband, James, and I went on a 6 week honeymoon to Thailand and Cambodia earlier this year and tried a variety of unique dishes. Cambodia cuisine is known as "Khmer" and the main staple is rice. Khmer Cuisine features a wide variety of curries, soups and stir fries which are mainly served with rice. Here are some pics of our food experiences:

Beef & Broccoli from Siem Riep, Cambodia

These sugar cane vendors are everywhere. James kept joking it looks like they are in their pajamas. These little carts contain a large block of ice and the sugar cane is peeled and sliced into chunks which you can then suck on. The sugar cane is best enjoyed cold as a refreshing treat and will get soggy without the ice.

Grasshoppers or beetles anyone?! We did not have the guts to try these common snacks but we saw locals buying bags of grasshoppers and chewing on them as if they were peanuts... Good protein I guess? We did see huge fields with large lights which had nets underneath them to catch the grasshoppers... some of the biggest bugs I have seen in my day!

There were tons of fruit vendors that will sell you an entire mango, pineapple or bananas cut up and peeled in a bag with two long wooden skewers to poke the fruit and eat with. This was a cheap and yummy breakfast choice normally costing around 30 cents.

On the beaches of Sihanoukville in southern Cambodia we found this "squid to go" contraption. The squid are skewered and cooked to order on one of the hanging bowls of hot coals the merchants would sling over their shoulders. Now that's some fresh fish!

In Sihanoukville we dined on a number of fresh red snapper at beach front restaurants and bars. The many fish BBQ's that took place each night on the beach bring back many good memories of fresh seafood, cold Angkor beer and new friends :)

The famed DURIAN FRUIT!!!! This fruit is the stinkiest fruit in the world and cannot be cracked open in many public markets or consumed in public. Although some people find the aroma pleasant, Westerners would surely react in intense disgust to the smell. Widely known and revered in southeast Asia as the "king of fruits", the durian is distinctive for its large size, unique odor and thick thorn-covered husk.

Most of the potato chips in Asia contain some type of seafood as seen here "Hot Chili Squid".. There were a variety of flavors containing prawns and random pork ingredients as well. We were advised to "stick to the red bags" which ended up being quite delicious.

I just HAD to throw this photo in here... The "bathrooms" in Cambodia were something to be desired... I experienced everything from huge lizards to dead rats to open holes in the ground for a "rest stop". Most toilets were squatters (if you were lucky) and toilet paper was scarce/non- existent being replaced with what I dubbed "the butt house" or a vegetable sprayer looking contraption on the side of the wall... Funny enough we actually got used to the butt house and quite preferred this method of toilet paper by the end of our trip...

Thailand photos to come....


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