Tommy Burger Bar


Tommy Burger Bar is another restaurant that I have driven past 8394839 times on McLeod Trail but never stopped... Located at 9629 Macleod Trail South right beside Schanks this restaurant specializes in Alberta beef from a local rancher just outside Calgary. Our waiter was very informative and let us know that all of the beef is free range cattle and it is some of the best beef in the city.
I've heard some mixed reviews from diners about this restaurant and the main complaints have been that it is too expensive or that they are trying to make burgers/fries too "fancy".. This establishment is owned by the same people who run Joey Tomato's so there is going to be a higher standard of decor and menu items which I did appreciate.
My date had the "build your own Tommy Burger" with Tommy's special sauce, cheese and bacon.
The bacon on the burger was DELICIOUS!!! It was maple glazed and very crispy and thick... some of the best bacon I have ever had on a burger... Tommy's "special sauce" was pretty much mayo so that was a bit disappointing. The silver pale on the plate contained some AMAZINGLY good poutine- it was not your average poutine because it contained blue cheese which gave it a strong zing which I really enjoyed. The fries were also made with older potatoes so they were really flavorful and dark. The fries were very coated in cheese and gravy... SO YUMMYYYYY!

I decided on the half order of lobster mac n' cheese for $12. Reasonably priced but I see why...
There wasn't that much in the half order. I was STARVING and the waitress still recommended the half order so I was still hungry after the meal unfortunately but it was very good mac... Not quite the best yet... Unfortunately it was luke warm when it arrived too which always disappointing but I was impressed with the amount of lobster in the dish and the richness of the sauce.

All in all it was a good meal but we left hungry unfortunately... I would dine again and order a burger and poutine!!! They had a portabello mushroom burger with feta and balsamic vinegar that sounded delicious...

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 7.5/10


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