Patio Season is HERE!


Although not the longest patio season in the world- Calgarians love to sit on a patio and dine outdoors. Buckets of beer... Tanning after work... Lunch on the patio... Tis the season for having a bevy while soaking up the beautiful weather... Here are my top 5's for best patios in Calgary... *West Restaurant and Bar is opening the largest rooftop patio in Canada at the beginning of June-- Can't wait to check this out either*
As you can see from my list I like patios that have a good ambiance such as feeling like you are in nature or a good vibe.

Top 5 Restaurant Patios

5. Cilantro 338 17th Avenue SW
This unassuming patio has a cozy "home feeling" which I love... Not to mention the people watching to be had on 17th Avenue! With heaters and tons of foliage this restaurant is a unique escape from the everyday
4. Alloy 220 42nd Avenue SE
Alloy has a very odd location it seems in the middle of what appears to be McLeod Trail's industrial area but don't be fooled- the ambiance is one of the most chic and beautiful in all of Calgary and the patio is no exception. With outdoor fireplaces, heaters and waterfalls Alloy boasts a beautiful place to done with an amazing menu!!!

3. Raw Bar 119 12th Avenue SW
Raw Bar is located in the contemporary Hotel Arts and the patio is situated around the uber lux hotel pool. I loved the privacy and surprising beauty of the patio which sits right in the middle of the building surrounded by guest rooms and tropical plants. A great way to start a night out!

2. Bonterra Trattoria 1016 8th Street SW
This Italian eatery has an amazing terrace featuring an outdoor fireplace, large hanging lanterns and tons of foliage. I love the romantic feel and terracotta coloring. There are also a few bird feeders and birds that frequent the patio which makes it feel as if you are in the middle of a forest... The food here is GREAT too!
1. River Cafe Prince's Island Park
With a downtown vibe and city views in the middle of Prince's Island Park, River Cafe's spectacular patio is sure to please. There is an abundance of fresh flowers and naturally growing greenery... Not to mention the amazing cuisine! Try a picnic basket in the park if you feel like a relaxed and romantic picnic in the park... Or watch "Shakespeare in the Park" while you enjoy one of River Cafe's DELICIOUS picnic baskets :)
Top 5 Bar Patios

5. Ship & Anchor Pub 534 17th Avenue SW
Talk about people watching! Situated in the heart of the "Red Mile" The Ship is never one to disappoint with its eclectic clientele, delicious pub grub a

4. Barley Mill Eau Claire 201 Barclay Parkade SW
This second level patio gives full views of the city and Prince's Island Park. Enjoy a selection of house brewed beer and people watch with a bird's eye view

3. Rose and Crown 1503 4th Street SW
Always buzzing with activity- this glassed in patio overlooks Fourth Street and is convenient to pop over to if your working downtown or coming from the south. This pub has a great atmosphere for relaxing or starting a night out... Not to mention the bucket of Corona they offer for $25.99 which the above photo demonstrates ;)

2. Brewsters McKenzie Towne 100-11 McKenzie Towne Avenue
I love this patio because of the close proximity to home and the rooftop swank this patio has to offer. With over-sized furniture, high top tables, tons of flowers and custom brewed beers it seems that this patio almost has a "Las Vegas" style and high end flair. Try the Mediterranean flat bread! SO GOOD!

1. Melrose Cafe & Bar 730, 17th Avenue SW
My absolute favorite bar patio... Complete with a waterfall, amazing "on street dining", people watching, torches to light the way and a great vibe you can't go wrong on this patio and the cocktails that come in your own martini shaker are so much fun!


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