Kefi Greek House and Ouzo Bar


Last night a girlfriend and I ate at one of my favorite Greek restaurants in Calgary- KEFI! Kefi Greek House and Ouzo Bar is located at 9250 Macleod Trail SE in the old Sante Fe building. The renovations that were completed in 2009 have transformed the old Tex-Mex restaurant into an elegant and crisp interior with traditional white and baby blue accents throughout. I love the large metal chandeliers, lanterns and candle light that illuminates the decor. There is also a "dance floor" surrounding by glass in the middle the dining area that many of the waiters will dance in during a busy night on the hour and smash plates OPA! style. I like the pillows and benches in the lounge area which creates a cozy and comfortable feel.
I normally start all Greek meals in traditional Greek style: with a glass of ouzo on ice. Ouzo is a black licorice flavored alcoholic drink widely consumed in Greece.

For an appetizer we decided on a bowl of Kalamata olives for $5 and the Tzatziki with homemade pitas

This homemade tzatziki was homemade and some of the best I have ever had. I love when Greek restaurants will put olive oil over their dips such as hummus to bring out the ingredients in the dip
The pitas were flavorful but this time they were a bit overdone for my liking. I do love that these are house made specialties though and not store bought.
MMMMM SAGANAKI!!!! My absolute Greek favorite... MAKE SURE TO ORDER THIS IF YOU GO FOR GREEK! It tastes almost like a more flavorful, saltier mozzarella. This is also a really fun dish to order because the cheese is flambeed right at your table by pouring some Brandy over the hot skillet and yelling "OPA!" and then extinguishing the flames with lemon juice. Saganaki is not eaten with crackers or bread... You CAN eat it with pita but it is traditional just eaten alone... MMM melted cheese.

We had a great dinner overall although our waiter was far too attentive and a huge pain in the ass. He visited us around 6-7 times while we were eating and was very annoying. He refused to give my date a traditional wine glass even though she requested one numerous times.. It was unfortunate because the staff at Kefi normally makes my meal there the best part. One of my favorite thing about Greek restaurants is the hospitality and boisterous nature of the wait staff. Always so accommodating and friendly!

If you are craving some good Greek I would recommend this restaurant over the box store "Broken Plate" any day! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do :)

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 8/10


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