I always crave Chinese food at lunch...


Weird but true... I always am in the mood for some Shanghai noodles with ginger beef and dumplings... YUMMM!

Where is your favorite Chinese in the city? Here are my top 5 "Western style" Chinese establishments in Calgary!!!

5. Ginger Beef Peking House 10816 Macleod Trail South
I really enjoy Ginger Beef's GINGER BEEF! haha... Not only does this restaurant have a kick ass lunch buffet, their dinner menu has some Calgary favorites such as amazing ginger beef and great dumplings as well! I suggest dining in to experience this restaurant to its fullest.

4. Regency Palace 328 Centre Street SE
Hands down the best lunch buffet in downtown Calgary with a large selection and dim sum served throughout the day as well. This large restaurant in China town is a Calgary favorite! Try their ginger beef and dumplings!

3. Forbidden City 999 36th Street NE
My sister in law is Asian and her family treated us to an AMAZING feast at this delicious establishment. Specializing in gourmet Cantonese dishes I suggest trying the Dim Sum here or ANY of the seafood dishes... The Peking duck was also amazing. A little pricier than suburban take out but worth it!

2. Bills Peking House 380 Canyon Meadows Drive SE
Bills has been a south staple for as long as I can remember and it's fresh selection will be sure to wow you! Bill and his wife run the south location and are always there to shake your hand and offer a smile. Try "Bill's Special" which is a peppery sizzling dish or their sweet and sour prawns

1. Silver Dragon Restaurant 106 3rd Avenue SE
This restaurant really is the best Chinese in the city! Gourmet Chinese food that has won gold "Customer Choice" awards for the past few years and has been in Calgary for 40!!! With over 200 menu items prepared by 15 Hong Kong trained chefs you CANNOT go wrong!!! We normally dine here for special events or Dim Sum since it is not the cheapest Chinese in town but you really do get what you pay for. I highly recommend the "Shrimp Toast"... *drool*... Or Peking duck!


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