Camping Favorites!!!


May long weekend to me = camping... always has... always will. I love the first camping trip of the year and the kick off to an amazing summer. My friends and I hit up a great campground in Salmon Arm, BC called "Hidden Valley" and always have an amazing time... In fact it is the best weekend of the year if you ask me.Food wise: I'm gonna be honest-- I'm normally on more of a "liquid" diet during the weekend and go with some great people who seem to cook up a storm each meal and conveniently enough- always more than they can finish... I'm more of a scavenger than anything May long weekend- even famous for ordering pizza right to the campground! HAHA!!!

I do have a few favorites that other campers have introduced over the years- special shout out to my good friend Rochelle who was a camp counselor and has some DELICIOUS and fun meal ideas!
Speaking of shout outs- Alicia Shepherd makes the BEST coffee camping.. Always has at least two percolators going in the morning to have with some Bailey's... Best way to start a day in the wilderness!A camping must have for our group is "SPIDER DOGS!!!" This consists of taking a hot dog and spearing it on a cooking stick and then cutting each end of the hot dog four ways so that when cooked the legs curl up like a spider and then you can rip off a crunchy leg to eat!
Another favorite introduced by Rochelle are "TRIP DONUTS!"

In order to make these unbelievably mini-donut tasting treats follow these directions:

* Cut a baguette into crostini slices and dip into prepared pancake mix
* Heat a skillet over the fire with a healthy portion of butter- 3-4 Tbs.
* Once bread has been soaked fry in skillet as if you were making French Toast
* Once cooked to golden brown shake in a Tupperware container of a sugar and cinnamon mix... These are DELICIOUS!!!Other camping favorites include:

  • Dorito chips inside homemade burgers (so unbelievably flavorful)
  • Numerous boxes of Kraft Dinner over the fire with extra cheese slices and a can of tomato soup mixed in
  • Nutella inside your smore!!!
  • Chocolate Bananas - take a strip of tinfoil and cut a whole banana lengthways, then stuff it with chocolate, caramel or Rolos. Squeeze the banana back together and wrap it tightly in foil. Place in coals of fire
For cooking any meat while camping we always use one of these SUPER handy Grill Baskets in the fire... Your burgers will taste smoked and steaks work great in there as well... We've done everything from grilled cheese to roasted veggies too!!!!


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