Calgary Rotana Cafe


Now here is a restaurant that is underrated and probably not very well known! Located at 6th Avenue and 6th Street downtown I was surprised to see that this restaurant was completely empty when I walked in on this snowy afternoon.
Advertising their cuisine as "Mediterranean" the menu offered a wide variety of selections such as bruschetta, beef dips, pita pizzas, shwarma, hummus, pasta, Asian dishes etc! There was tons to choose from so I used my old trick of asking the waitress what her favorites were. For an appetizer she recommended the hummus which was DELICIOUS!:The warm pita bread was covered in garlic, Parmesan cheese and olive oil. SO YUMMY! I loved how the hummus had a generous amount of olive oil throughout the dip making it very authentic and flavorful.
For an entree I had a hard time deciding but went for the "Penne Sasha" which was a penne in a rose vodka sauce with chicken for the lunch price of $9.95! The pasta was perfectly cooked and I loved the rich rose sauce. I was also impressed with the large strips of tender chicken throughout the dish. My only complaint is there was a bay leaf in the dish I kept munching on thinking it was a green pepper. HAHA!
My date had the other dish I was debating on... The Hunan Kung Pao dish that came on a sizzling platter with rice and shrimp for $15.95. I LOVED THIS SAUCE! It was actually quite sweet and I see why they advertise it as their "famous hunan sauce"... It had just the right amount of kick to it and I loved how this dish stayed hot for a very long time because it was served on the sizzling platter.
We both would go back to this great restaurant! I recommend it for a business lunch and it also looks like they have the makings of a venue for some live bands in the evening. Check this spot out!!!

Food FaNaTiC rating: 9/10


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