Buddah's Veggie Restaurant


Happy Friday everyone!!!!!! Hope that you have a great weekend and enjoy Mother's day!
I was dining out with one of my vegetarian friends last night and we decided to try out "Buddha's Veggie Restaurant" located at 5208 Macleod Trail South, right across from Chinook Center. I'm sure many of you have driven past this establishment as much as I have and wondered what it is all about... It used to be one of the only purely vegetarian restaurants in the city but they have just recently introduced a meat menu as well!

There were two completely different menus- one for veggie and one for carnivores.. We decided to stick to the vegetarian menu and started with Deep-fried Veggie Chicken BallsI couldn't believe it! The chicken balls tasted JUST like the chicken balls from any other Chinese restaurant and in fact.. I liked them better! The sauce that they came with was an elusive rich sweet and sour red sauce which I always look for with spring rolls and other appetizers such as shrimp toast. Although there were quite a few for just two of us they were delicious!
We decided on the House Special Fried Rice, Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables and Shanghai Noodle and Veggie Ginger Beef

The House Special Fried rice was very different with "veggie ham", peas, corn, wild rice and other ingredients strewn throughout and it was DELICIOUS!!!! So flavorful and better than most fried rices out there.
My absolute favorite was the Shanghai noodles!!! There was a wide variety of vegetables throughout the dish which came piping hot and the noodles were very flavorful.
I was a little bit leery of the "veggie ginger beef".... especially when it came to the table in a dark brown/black color... After the first bite I was PLEASANTLY surprised!!! The ginger beef had a great sauce that tasted exactly like beefy ginger beef, the texture was perfect and it was VERY similar to its carne counterpart. The only thing we DID keep thinking was "I can't believe this isn't beef" and "what the hell IS this made out of???" hahaha... I really like the whole idea of vegetarians being able to dine on Western Chinese favorites and still enjoy the same flavors that us omnivores do! Not only is this restaurant innovative and unique- The price point was very reasonable as well compared to some of the more trendy Veggie restaurants in the city. I also really appreciated the great customer service. Our waitress informed us that we had initially ordered WAY too much and we cut back our order and it was the perfect amount- they could have easily let us order the larger amount to get a bigger sale.

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 9/10


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