The Bavarian Inn, Bragg Creek


It has been a long time since I have proclaimed that a meal and restaurant were a "10/10!" ... We were due for an amazing meal and we are SO happy to find this gem of a restaurant situated in the forest on the outskirts of Bragg Creek on 75 White Avenue. I found this AMAZING Austrian restaurant on and we were so impressed with the service we received and delicious dishes!!!

When we first pulled up we saw a huge owl sitting on one of the posts leading into the restaurant.. If that wasn't cool enough there were three deer docilely laying in the grass in front of our car- it was off to a special start already!
We were warmly greeted by the owner's wife and sat at a table near the fireplace which was perfect for this unusually cold spring evening. Our waitress was VERY friendly and assured us we would be leaving satisfied and full. We ordered a bottle of wine and to my delight we were served a COMPLIMENTARY glass of Prosecco (sparkling white wine) and an amuse-bouche. An amuse-bouche is a single, bite-sized appetizer that is designed to excite your palette and make you even hungrier for the meal to come. In this case we were served a piece of quiche on a spoon and it was delicious!

I think that ANY restaurant in which you are paying over $30 per entree should include a starter soup or salad or an amuse-bouche... SOMETHING to make it worth while and memorable.
As James and I do not often dine "Austrian" we thought we would try some authentic cuisine and began our meal with "Maultaschen" which were pan fried, German style dumplings served with freshly ground veal, spinach, onions and garlic. Over the top there were caramelized onions and an au jus.
The photo may not look THAT appetizing but the thought of these dumplings makes my mouth water. The dumplings were perfectly cooked with that pan-fried crunch on the pastry and the filling was MOUTH WATERING and sooo delicious!!! Sort of like Asian dumplings but with more garlic and spinach flavor I could go for another one of these right NOW! For only $10.95 I HIGHLY recommend these tasty appy's.

Our waitress informed us that white asparagus was in season and they have guests come from far and wide to enjoy this seasonal delicacy and I can see why! Our entrees INCLUDED a starter bowl of white asparagus soup and it was DELICIOUS! It was rich without being too heavy and very flavorful
For an entree we dined on two of the "Chef's specialties"... It was interesting to learn that all of their meat was locally raised and processed except for the veal which is raised in Quebec. I love restaurants that support local farmers and the quality of the meat was outstanding. She promised us we would be able to cut our meat with a fork and she wasn't lying!!!

I had the SURF & TURF for $39.95 which was a filet steak of Organic Beef Tenderloin (and soooo tender it was!!! It melted in my mouth) with panseared Tiger Prawns, Sea Scallops and a Crab Cake, brandied Wild Morel cream sauce, White Asparagus and Baby Potatoes. The Wild Morel cream sauce was.... One of the best sauces I have had to date. It was sweet and went perfectly with the seafood and beef... My mouth is watering typing this...

James decided on the Free Range Elk for $29.95 at the waitress's suggestion. It was a dish containing medallions of elk in a creamy Burgundy-Peppercorn sauce with sauteed sour cherries, season vegetable and spatzle (a type of egg noodle with a soft texture found in the cuisine of Germany and Austria)... it reminded me of gnocchi.Although these dishes may not have the fanciest plating... We literally licked our plates! It was one of the best meals we have ever had and I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant. The owner and chef, Charlie, is even competing on Iron Chef America in November 2010!

Bon Appetit Fellow Foodies!

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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