What is your favorite pizza in the City???


I like to think of myself as somewhat of a "pizza connoisseur" ... It is my absolute FAVORITE food on the planet and I try and test out pizza if it is on the menu at every stop... Here is a listing of my 5 favorite pizza destinations in Calgary... what's your favorite pizza?!?!?!

5. Jon's Pizza 20-20 Douglas Woods Drive S.E.
Great take out pizza that has that Chicago deep dish depth and delicious cheese... It used to be my #1 but has fallen to #5 due to the new owners who have a tendency to under cook the crust. Still very good. Try the "Dairy Delight"

4. Pulcinella Ristorante 1147 Kensington Crescent N.W.
This restaurant is very much a "love/hate" in this city... either you love it or you hate it! This is TRADITIONAL Napoletana pizza.. not North American style but Italian. Each ingredient needs to be approved by the Napoletana pizza society... Try the Quattro Formaggi pizza with extra basil and THEN tell me you don't like this unique dining destination!

3. Stavros Pizza & Sportsbar 4105-4th Street N.W.
A Calgary staple! Excellent pizza with good quality ingredients... Half priced pizza on Sundays! Cheap drinks too :)

2. Mr. Schnapps Restaurant & Bar 216-70 Shawville Blvd.
The cheese they use on this pizza is delicious... and lots of it!!! Half priced pizza on Mondays! Try the Greek- feta and spinach... delicious!

1. Michael's Restaurant & Pizza 139, 10th Avenue S.W.
My all time favorite and right down the street from my work *DaNgEr*... ANY pizza is good at this establishment.. even the whole wheat crust is delicious. Great destination before a Flames game or night out on the town. Try the pepperoni and mushroom


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