Weekend Eats!


Happy Monday!
I hope that you all had a good weekend complete with some good eats! I dined out a few times this weekend and thought I would blog about my experiences.
I tried out
Thomsons Restaurant for lunch on Saturday located at 112-8th Avenue S.W. in the Hyatt location near the Calgary tower.
The staff was very friendly and I found the ambiance to be quite elegant for a hotel restaurant. For an appetizer I had a cup of their delicious soup of the day: yam and jalapeno. What a strange match up but it was delicious.... Very sweet with the perfect kick to it. I dined on the half cobb salad for an entree which wasn't the best cobb salad I have had as it was paired with a lemon Dijon dressing as opposed to my favorite: blue cheese dressing but still very good. For dessert we had this white chocolate creme brulee which was delicious! I love when pastry chef's get artsy with their dessert presentations :)

I have been wanting EAT! EAT! In Inglewood for quite some time as the photographers for our wedding are a HUGE fan. I arrived on Thursday afternoon and was a little disappointed by the tacky decor... The walls were bright yellow with paintings crookedly suspended by a piece of fishing line and all of the chairs had very outdated primary colored coverings on the back. I decided on the eggs benedict with spinach and tomato. The eggs were perfectly cooked and soft but all in all the overall dish was quite bland. This dish could have been improved with a zing of basil and balsamic vinegar like The Diner's famous "Nona's Benny's" which are TO DIE FOR!

My date had a cheeseburger with bacon and she was thoroughly disappointed in it's plain taste. We each had a coffee and the total was over $35... Although this restaurant advertises "home cooking" I think I could have prepared a better meal at home..


Where did YOU eat this weekend? Make any great recipes at home or dine out anywhere that was noteworthy?


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