Pasquales is located at 6806 Macleod Trail South, right across from Chinook and it is one of those restaurants I've driven past 9348938 times and have always wanted to try out! My girlfriend and I arrived on Wednesday evening after a spa treatment and were SO excited for some pasta!

The decor was a little dated but still classy with dark features and a cozy fireplace. It was completely empty save for one table of two at 5:30 pm. The menu was enormous with a large selection of pasta, specialty entrees, sandwiches for lunch etc.. Our waitress was the daughter of the owner and we liked her upfront, personable attitude. Pasquales is a family run business which I LOVE to support. Pasquale is their last name and the father is the head chef, the mother does the business side and all three grown children run the restaurant. Everything is made from scratch at this establishment and I was excited to try some homemade gems! Our waitress assured us that once we tried their pasta we would be back again and they cater to a large number of regulars.

We decided on the scampi in garlic butter for $13.95 for an appetizer which was served with garlic toast. This was the BEST scampi I have EVER had!!! Not only was there 8 pieces for only $13.95- the scampi was cooked PERFECTLY and very tender and delicious. For those of you who may not know: scampi is a small species of lobster which has a very sweet flavor similar to its larger counterpart. Served best in garlic and butter these were an amazing antipasti!
For an entree I decided to try their pasta and settled on the Manicotti Fierentina which is a pasta crepe stuffed with ricotta cheese, spinach and minced chicken which is then baked and covered in a homemade tomato and bechamel sauce (a rich white sauce common in Italian cooking).. It was very good and the ricotta cheese was delicious... My only complaint is that there was not enough sauce to drown the pasta but it was yummy none the less.
My date had the special of the day which was a veal scallopini in a spicy tomato sauce served with roasted vegetables. The sauce was perfect with just the right amount of spice and the vegetables were generous and delicious!

Although not the VERY best pasta I have had in this city I was impressed with the large selection on the menu, the family run business and the homemade pasta. If you are looking for some good pasta after a shopping day at Chinook or a date night before a movie I would recommend this destination and make sure to try the scampi!!!

Foodie Rating: 8/10


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