Open Table & My Sangria recipe!


A lot of my friends always bug me about booking all of my reservations online via this AMAZING website: ... But I absolutely LOVE IT! Open Table currently has 88 Calgary restaurants to choose from to book reservations for and when you book you get "dining points"... Once you have a certain amount of dining points they will send you a gift certificate to use at any Open Table restaurant. This website is completely free to use and I love how I can send out little invites via the website to my date for our meal! I normally wait until my account reaches 5000 points so I can get a $65 gift certificate... Because who doesn't like eating for free?!

You normally receive 100 points per reservation that you make via Open Table but there are also "1000 Point Tables" you can book that are listed at specific dates and times here: so that you can get to the gift certificate even quicker.

Restaurants do have to pay for Open Table and they even have to pay a certain amount for EACH reservation made through this restaurant but I think it is an amazing way to advertise your restaurant! I would not have tried half of the restaurants I have been to if it wasn't for Open Table :)

I have received quite a few gift certificates from Open Table which I then use on a restaurant from my wish list! I really like Open Table because they normally chose only really great restaurants and you can take a look at diner review to see what people think of the restaurant. ANOTHER great aspect is that it is an international website so if I am traveling and don't know the seen like I do in Calgary I always trust Open Table for a GREAT dinner... An example of this is when James and I went to Canmore for a weekend away and I found this AMAZING restaurant "TAPAS" on Open Table... It was a Spanish tapas restaurant and one of my fav restaurants to this day... Can you say SANGRIA!? YUMMMMMM!
Speaking of Sangria!!! Here is an amazing sangria recipe which is SOOO easy... This is a great drink to enjoy on a patio in the summer. I make it all the time for Pampered Chef shows and parties... For a party I will add some extra flavored vodka or white rum and call it "potion" ... hehehe

1 bottle cheap red wine
1 can limeade
1 can frozen orange juice
3 cans water
Fill to the top with Sprite
Slice lemons, limes or oranges on top decoratively. ENJOY!!!!


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