Hudsons Canadian Tap House


Happy Friday everyone!!!

Thought I would blog about the pub that everyone seems to be talking about these days... Hudsons Canadian Taphouse located at 1201 5th Street S.W. on the outskirts of downtown. There is a vacant lot behind Hudsons currently which has FREE parking for the time being. The tap house itself is really nice inside with a lot of wood and a really cozy feeling. The wait staff was very friendly and personable. I went after work for some drinks with a few ladies and we had a coupon for a free starter ... I was happy we did have this free coupon because their pub fare was a bit expensive although very tasty. We settled on splitting the "P.E.I. potato skins", Vegetable spring rolls and a plate of nachos.

I found the potato skins to be quite basic with just a shelled out skin of a potato, cheese, some bacon and chives... nothing too fancy for $9.99..
The nachos were $18.99 which I found very expensive and mentioned this to the waitress who assured us that the nachos were HUGE and that normal restaurants normally use 3 oz. of cheese but they use 10 oz. of cheese so that each nacho will be adorned in cheesy goodness. Her prophecy came true when the nachos arrived and were VERY large with more than enough cheese to go around... :D
I can see why this downtown destination has gotten so much hype... The wide range of patrons made for a unique crowd looking for a good time. Apparently Friday night is the night to hit this place up and take a few spins on the dance floor!

Food FaNaTiC liked this pub grub but for even BETTER bang for your buck I suggest 1410 World Bier Haus which has an ENORMOUS selection of delicious food for unbelievably cheap.. I have yet to see this lounge beaten on their quality and prices of chow.

Food FaNaTiC rating: 7/10


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