Beautiful Bonterra!


I had the pleasure of dining at one of my favorite restaurants in Calgary for lunch this week- Bonterra Trattoria. Listed as one of Calgary's Fine Italian restaurants, Bonterra has an authentic Italian flair and one of the most beautiful patios in Calgary complete with an outdoor fireplace, trees, loads of flowers and a variety of birds. I really love the elegant ambiance and mood this restaurant creates. The inside is absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of an elegant wine cellar or Italian terrace... Great restaurant for a romantic date night!

I love the artsy bread sticks that are waiting on the table for you to enjoy with an olive oil dip.

I have tried a wide variety of items on this menu and I can tell you that you CANNOT go wrong with anything you choose to order. I was in the mood for a light lunch and dined on the "Insalata Cato" which was a salad consisting of romaine, capers, olives, grapes, grana padano (cheese), & wild boar bacon. I decided to add the horseradish crusted scallops which were perfectly cooked. Not a cheap salad coming in at around $22.00 but the quality of the ingredients was so refreshing and delicious! The salt from the olives perfectly balanced out the sweetness of the grapes and orange slices. I loved this fresh salad!

One of my absolute favorite dishes is the "Penne Con Funghi" which is a four mushroom baked penne, winter squash, asiago, pistachio and white truffle oil masterpiece served in a lasagna style baking dish and will surely satisfy your decadent pasta craving!

I can't say enough about this great eatery!!! Enjoy it for a date night out, dinner and drinks before hitting the town or a getaway from the mundane at lunch time on the patio :D

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 9.5/10


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